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On this homepage I like to share the stages involved in the painting process of my latest artwork.
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This was a challenging commission where clients gave me this reference photo to paint of a favourite beach. However, the body shapes and positions of mum and the two girls was not very satisfactory for a painting and dad wasn't even in the shot as he was the one taking the photo! 

So the clients found this second photo of their family unit that would be more appealing as the subject for their special painting. My job was to superimpose these figures into the ocean landscape (which they wanted more panoramic than the photo) and make it look natural.

To successfully do this, I had to change a few things:
1. Mum and the girl on the right were moved down onto the level surface of the sand rather than stepping up onto the grassy slope.
2. The colours of the girls' clothes were changed so they wouldn't fade away into the background.
3. The jumper and shoes were removed from mum and I colourised her top to avoid a dull all black look.

The reflections and wash on the sand were adjusted to complement the inclusion of the figures rather competing with them. My clients were very pleased with the completed painting and so thrilled to have their family depicted in a happy moment in this special place. A wonderful surprise birthday gift for mum.
"My Happy Place", by Elena Parashko, oil on canvas, 61 x 121 cm.


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