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On this homepage I like to share the stages involved in the painting process of my latest artwork.
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This is the preliminary drawing I did on canvas for my painting of All Saints Chapel on Hamilton Island. This is a quaint little chapel located on top of a steep hill overlooking the famous Catseye Beach. It's such a romantic venue for weddings.

Using acrylics, I began by painting the sky and background headland and ocean. I then moved onto the foreground, making sure to depict strong sunlight on the grass and shadows cast by the palm trees.

This is a detail of the steeple of the chapel. It was important to establish accuracy in the perspective of the building and have all the timber and trim at the right angle. A lot of detailed work using a fine brush here!

The final stage was to paint the palm trees and vegetation in the garden beds.
A complete step by step demonstration of how I painted this chapel will appear in a future issue of Leisure Painter magazine.

"All Saints Chapel, Hamilton Island", oil, 30 x 40 cm by Elena Parashko, $490.

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