Elena Parashko Australian Artist

Thank you for visiting my online gallery.
On this homepage I like to share the stages involved in the painting process of my latest artwork.
Visit again soon to get a glimpse into the behind the scenes progress of my next painting.

I am now working on a series of underwater paintings inspired by the reefs I have snorkelled in the Whitsundays and the Maldives. Here you can see the beginning stages of the underpainting in the lower section of "Clowning Around".

This is a detail of the completed clownfish on the left. Due to the movie "Nemo", this vibrant little fellow has become very popular. The complementary colours of orange and blue work well together.

Here is a detail of the finished clownfish and sea anemone on the right. I'm planning to do more underwater paintings featuring different fish species and corals. I love the colours and patterns on tropical fish. Nature is the best artist.

This is the completed painting. It was an interesting process to create the split screen effect of above and below the waterline.
"Clowning Around" by Elena Parashko, oil on canvas, 46 x 92 cm, $1800.


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