Have Elena create a special painting just for you.

The Process
1. Consultation
If you have a photo you would like painted, or just an empty wall space that needs filling, through a consultation process we discuss your art needs. We decide on subject matter, colour, mood, size, purpose, framing, delivery options and budget.
2. Preliminary sketch
If a reference photo is not supplied, then once I know exactly what you would like, I produce a preliminary sketch and/or colour sample.
3. Feedback
After viewing the sketch and colour sample, you have the opportunity to provide feedback. If anything needs adjusting, I produce another sketch so you will be happy with the finished product.
4. Quote issued
I provide a written itemised quote. The quote depends upon size, cost of raw materials, complexity of artwork, time required, and shipping charges.
5. Quote accepted
After the quote is accepted, a 50% deposit is to be paid. Any further requests for changes may incur an additional fee to cover the cost of extra labour and materials.
6. Work commences
Materials for your painting are purchased and artwork is completed within the negotiated time frame. Timing depends on size and complexity of the painting as well as my other commitments.
7. Progress reports
I keep you updated with progress on your painting with regular emails.
8. Artwork completed
A photo of the completed painting is emailed to you for final approval. Any fine tuning can be done if required.
9. Client approval
Once you are happy with the finished product, the painting is varnished.
10. Artwork varnished
Two coats of gloss varnish is applied to the painting to protect its surface and even out the finish.
11. Final payment
Quoted balance to be paid. Lay-by is available.
12. Artwork shipped
The painting is carefully bubble wrapped, boxed and shipped to you. Small paintings are delivered by Australia Post and large paintings with TNT/Fedex. A tracking number is provided.