The latest news and upcoming events out of Elena Parashko Gallery.

December 2022

In the December issue of Leisure Painter magazine, I conclude my year long drawing series with a step by step demonstration of how to draw a dovetail butterfly. We practise many of the techniques covered throughout the series by using watercolour pencil for the background, graphite pencil for bark, and coloured pencil, tortillon and fibre tipped marker for the butterfly.

January 2023

In 2023 I begin a new mini series of articles for Leisure Painter magazine on using acrylics to paint marine life. In seven issues I will explore unusual techniques to create interesting backgrounds for sea creature subjects. In the January issue, I provide a step-by-step demonstration of how to zoom in on the complex patterns of tropical fish to create abstract pieces of art.

Behind the Scenes
Get a sneak peak into how I combined abstract and realistic techniques into one painting to create an unusual underwater scene with a trigger fish.

View the painting process …

February 2023

The February issue of the English art magazine, Leisure Painter, continues my marine life series with a demonstration of how to paint a sea turtle onto a pour painting background. This technique is a very fast and fun way to create an effective underwater backdrop. I also demonstrate the techniques of using transfer paper to trace the drawing, as well as mixing harmonious tones of acrylic colours from a mother colour.


Add a fun and creative dimension to your next party or corporate team building event under Elena’s expert instruction. Even total beginners can be guided step by step to create their own masterpiece.