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January 2022

Throughout 2022, I present a comprehensive series of articles on learning how to draw in each issue of the English art magazine, Leisure Painter. The series begins with drawing with graphite pencil, then coloured pencil and finally, watercolour pencils. In the January issue, I begin the series with an overview of drawing materials and then set the reader a simple exercise to draw a sphere (ball) using highlights and shadows.

February 2022

In the February issue of Leisure Painter magazine, we explore an extensive range of marks and effects that graphite pencils can make with line, tone, and texture. We also look at degrees of hardness in graphite pencils. With this groundwork laid, I then set the reader exercises to practice drawing a cube, rectangular prism, cylinder and sphere and then creating volume through shading and stippling.

Behind the Scenes
A client commissioned me to create this painting of her and her husband enjoying Catseye Beach on Hamilton Island. It was a surprise 50th birthday gift for her husband. She came up with an interesting and personally meaningful title for their painting..
“This is What Money’s For”, by Elena Parashko, oil on canvas, 122 x 61 cm SOLD
View the painting process …

March 2022

In the March issue of the English art magazine Leisure Painter, I present some loosening up exercises in preparation for sketching. We then practice six different styles of sketching – contour, gesture, scribble, blind, negative spaces and upside down sketching.

April 2022

The April issue of the English art magazine Leisure Painter, continues my drawing series with lost and found edges and how this principle is used to sketch folds. I set some exercises for readers using graphite pencil to practice drop, diaper, spiral, pipe and zigzag folds.

May 2022

In the May issue of Leisure Painter magazine, I cover techniques for drawing flowers using graphite pencils. Follow my step by step demonstrations to draw a pansy as well as a water drop.


Add a fun and creative dimension to your next party or corporate team building event under Elena’s expert instruction. Even total beginners can be guided step by step to create their own masterpiece.