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May 2022

In the May issue of Leisure Painter magazine, I cover techniques for drawing flowers using graphite pencils. Follow my step by step demonstrations to draw a pansy as well as a water drop.

June 2022

In the June issue of the English art magazine, Leisure Painter, I introduce the concept of colour into my 12 month drawing series through the use of coloured pencils. We explore warm and cool colours, how to achieve perspective, and techniques like blending with a paper stump. Then follow my demonstration to draw a lovely Beech tree in autumn colours.

Behind the Scenes
When a client asked me to create a contemporary portrait of a girl with a tropical theme and vibrant colours, I put my ideas and vision together in this small study. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words. So once the client could see what I had in mind, we went ahead with the larger version for her.

“Island Girl”, by Elena Parashko, acrylic on paper, 30 x 38 cm $250.

View the painting process …

July 2022

We are now halfway through my twelve month learning to draw series in Leisure Painter magazine, so it’s a good time to review and consolidate the skills already learned before progressing to more advanced concepts. So in the July issue, we practice drawing seashells, first with graphite pencils based on the 3D shapes we learned to draw in February; and then the technique of layering coloured pencils that was introduced in the June issue.

August 2022

The August issue of the English art magazine Leisure Painter, continues my drawing series with an exploration of colour. Using coloured pencils, we experiment with drawing the three dimensional shapes of fruit on a variety of coloured papers.

September 2022

In the September issue of the English art magazine Leisure Painter, I introduce wet and dry techniques for drawing with water soluble pencils. To practise these techniques, follow along with me to draw a dramatic beech tree silhouette over a sunset sky.


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