“Survival Guide For Artists: How to Thrive in the Creative Arts”

Are you a creative person with dreams of turning your passion into a successful career, but who is unsure where to start?

Have you already begun your journey into your dream life but want to know what makes the difference between barely surviving and truly thriving in the arts?

This life-changing book reveals the secrets of unlocking your full potential by addressing the issues common to the mind, body and soul of artists and other creative individuals. Discover simple and effective ways to nurture your creativity, manage destructive influences from outside sources and guide the direction of your life with joy. You can live your artistic passion.

20 chapters of essential information to empower creative people to live their dreams:

  1. Overcome Fear of the Blank Canvas
  2. Get in the Zone
  3. Be Inspired
  4. Develop Your Artistic Voice
  5. Deal with Isolation
  6. Acknowledge your Sensitivity
  7. Maintain a Healthy Body
  8. Be Kind to Yourself
  9. Set SMART Art Goals
  10. Plan your Creativity
  11. Live the Dream
  12. Enlist Supporters and Manage Saboteurs
  13. Cope with Rejection
  14. Be Persistent, Not a Pest
  15. Build a Reputation
  16. Communicate Effectively
  17. Accept Challenges
  18. Deal with Stress
  19. Recognize the Myth of Luck
  20. Enjoy Success

Read Chapter 19. Find out about creating your own “lucky breaks” and fill in the following satisfACTION plan …

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Elena would like to thank everyone who has purchased her book and left glowing reviews!

If you are ready to finally live the life of your dreams, then this book is an empowering support for that journey.